A Skilled Private Investigator Can Make the Difference in a Family Law Dispute!

May 18th, 2015


Whether it is suspected infidelity, child custody issues, or child or spousal support judgment collection to name just a few, when you are involved in a family law dispute, having a knowledgeable private investigator on your side can make the difference between success and failure.

Perhaps you are concerned that a former spouse frequently drives drunk with your children in the car. An expert investigator knows how to get the admissible evidence necessary to obtain a court order. An experienced investigator is an independent witness and has expertise in testifying in court. An investigator with years of experience will be familiar with the many possible scenarios which may present in each case. It is the dedicated, expert methods of a true professional which will help secure success in court.

“Sensitive, private dealings can be very intricate, and precarious,” says John A. DeMarr, P.I., a licensed California private investigator since 1985, and president of John A. DeMarr Private Investigators, one of the most trusted firms specializing in such involved scenarios. “Being knowledgeable about the nuances of custody cases and surveillance of spouses, is critical for anyone engaged in family law cases.” DeMarr continued.

“Our 30 years of experience makes all the difference, in the service levels and innovative approaches we can offer our clients. Many times our expertise results in a successful outcome where other process servers or private investigation firms have failed.”

John A. DeMarr, a well-known Private Investigator in Huntington Beach, has provided consistently innovative private investigation services over thirty years of experience – always reasonably priced, and always within the bounds of applicable law. Courts have upheld DeMarr’s investigative techniques in securing custody orders, enforcement of judgments against deadbeat spouses and parents; successful service of process against residents of gated communities; and evidence of unfaithful spouses.

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