BB King Investigation Intensifies

May 26th, 2015

American and international news media have reported speculation about blues musician BB King’s death resulting from an alleged murder plot. The entertainer, who died in hospice care at age 89 on May 14, 2015, has been alleged by King’s daughters Karen Williams and Patty King to have been poisoned by a “foreign substance” given King by his business manager Laverne Toney, reports the Associated Press. Daughters Williams and Patty King allege Toney, named in King’s will as the executor of his multi-million dollar estate, stood to benefit from hastening King’s death.

Attorney Brent Bryson, representing BB King’s estate, has ridiculed the claim, reports The Los Angeles Daily News.

The Clark County Coroner’s office and Las Vegas PD homicide detectives have opened investigations.

All three groups (King’s daughters, the King estate, and LVPD/Coroner) are investigating. While LVPD and Clark County employ law enforcement officers to handle the case, both the estate and King’s daughters will need to recruit their own investigative help.

“Private investigators have an important role to play in cases like this,” says John A. DeMarr, P.I., a licensed California private investigator since 1988. “Any investigation by BB King’s daughters will need first to establish the facts surrounding the death. And the daughters will need professional investigators to help.” One step already taken has been preparation of affidavits from Patty King and Williams, alleging she saw King’s personal assistant Myron Johnson “administer drops of a foreign substance” to BB King just before his death. Patty King and Williams are represented by attorney Larissa Drohobyczer.

“Private investigators can work cases like this directly with attorneys, and also independently,” says DeMarr. “Private investigators often have relationships with law enforcement officers, both in the jurisdiction where the investigation is proceeding, and elsewhere. An out-of-state forensic specialist will usually end up testifying for the contesting parties. And the private investigator is ideally positioned to bring together the right legal representation, experts, police sources and witness interviews.”

“It is important for a party lacking access to the law enforcement investigation to move independently to secure investigative help. And to find someone who can act quickly, accurately and professionally,” cautions DeMarr.

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