California Businessman Seeks to Change Alimony Laws

May 21st, 2015


Bob Garcia, in his LA Times column Sharelines, reports that a local Huntington Beach businessman has launched an attack on alimony law. After spending $100,000 and three years trying to get to limit the amount of alimony he would be obligated to pay his wife of 25 years, Steve Clark decided to do something about the law of spousal support in California. He has put together a petition drive for an initiative intended to overhaul alimony law in California which he says is outdated and unfair. Clark’s initiative would end the possibility of lifelong alimony payments to the lower earning spouse in a marriage of 10 years or more. His website,, is dedicated to this initiative.

In most dissolution of marriage cases where the marriage was 10 years or more, the spouse with the higher income is required to pay the other a set amount of money each month to help maintain the standard of living established during the marriage.

If Clark’s initiative passes, it would prohibit alimony from being awarded during divorce, legal separation and annulment proceedings. It also would immediately stop existing alimony payments that were intended to end within 10 years unless a court grants an extension of up to a year.

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