Discrimination plaintiff owes former employer $276k in legal costs for unsuccessful lawsuit

June 20th, 2015

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2015:

A San Francisco trial court has ruled discrimination plaintiff Ellen Pao must pay $275,966 in costs for her failed case against former employer Kleiner Perkins. Judge Harold Kahn issued a tentative ruling imposing costs on Pao on March 27. After winning at trial, Kleiner requested the Court order Pao reimburse her former employer for $972,814 in costs for expert fees, depositions, transcription and travel for expert witnesses it had incurred during the trial.

Pao opposed the request, contending she should not have to pay Kleiner’s “gargantuan and unreasonable charges.” Judge Kahn ruled for Kleiner in part, allowing most of the claimed costs for jury food ($177.56), filing and motion fees ($240) and technology equipment rental ($7,196). But the Court, citing the Fair Employment and Housing Act (California Government Code §§12900-12996), considered the economic resources of both sides, and “scaled” the costs award to be fair to both sides. While noting Pao “is not indigent,” Kahn observed that Kleiner has “vastly” greater economic resources. Thus, the ruling scaled back Kleiner’s expert witness costs to match Pao’s more closely.

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