Federal Report Finds That Chinese Businesses Can Be “Almost Impossible” To Pursue Legally

May 12th, 2015


In a May 5, 2015 report, the US-China Economic Security Commission declared that many Chinese companies doing business in the U.S. operate behind a “firewall” in order to avoid the US court process. This report details facts illustrating that despite utilizing American capital markets and having potential defendants located within the United States, Chinese firms often attempt to effectively “hide” behind complex corporate structures, Chinese banking laws, and secrecy regulations to protect their China-based parent companies from U.S. lawsuits. Furthermore, they often claim to be exempt from turning over evidence or even responding to U.S. court documents.

In a trademark infringement case, Gucci America, Inc. v Li, 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 97814 (S.D.N.Y 2011), related to the online sale of counterfeit handbags, Gucci of America tried to get the state-owned Bank of China to produce account records related to the websites and related merchants who were among the many defendants. Claiming that to do so would violate Chinese banking laws, the bank refused.
China and the United States are both signatories of the Hague Convention, which ostensibly “provides U.S. litigants a legal framework for serving papers and obtaining evidence in disputes between U.S. and China-based entities.”

Gathering information on international businesses, attempting legal process service, or successfully executing subpoenas can be staggeringly complex. Such endeavors are often fraught with delays, “red tape” and even willful obfuscation by the involved parties.

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