Tom Selleck accused of stealing water during California’s historic drought

July 22nd, 2015

July 8, 2015, Ventura County, California

Magnum, P.I., star Tom Selleck, owner of a 60-acre avocado ranch in Ventura County, California, has been sued by a local water district for allegedly stealing at least twelve tanker truckloads of water from a public hydrant during the current severe drought, and hauling it to his ranch, reports USA Today.

The Calleguas Municipal Water District further alleges it spent $21,685.55 to hire a private investigator to document the alleged thefts, over a two-year period, reports ABC News, quoting an Associated Press story.

The water district’s lawsuit, reportedly filed on June 30, 2015, alleges Selleck’s 60-acre parcel is subject to mandatory water cutbacks, as high as 36% in 2013. The district further alleges it has sent Selleck cease-and-desist letters, but Selleck’s truck was spotted as recently as March 2015, filling up at a hydrant on four separate days, and delivering the water to Selleck’s ranch, reports USA Today. Witnesses claim to have seen “a big construction truck drive by on multiple mornings,” around 6 a.m., to fill up a huge tank on the back, from a City of Thousand Oaks fire hydrant.

The water district’s civil lawsuit seeks compensation for legal fees, costs of investigation, and an injunction barring Selleck and his contractors or employees from taking water from the district.

Selleck’s representatives have not returned telephoned messages and emails seeking comment, as of Wednesday, July 8th. Selleck, like any defendant in a civil case, will have thirty days from the time he is served with lawsuit papers to file a response with the Ventura Superior Court.

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