US Court Authorizes Email Service of Process on Fugitive Residing in Mexico

May 12th, 2015


Finding that service by publication was financially imprudent and noting that the law permits service by special mail service as well as “substituted service” a New York Probate court took a bold new step and authorized email service of process of a distributee of the decedent.

In Estate of Sucich, (NYC April 15, 2015), the proposed executor sought an order authorizing service of a citation by electronic mail upon distributee of the decedent, who is alleged to have been a fugitive from justice and believed to reside in Mexico, under an assumed alias. The sister of the distributee stated that her brother periodically contacted her by email and provided proof that her brother has responded to two email addresses. When a distributee resides outside of New York, “service may be effectuated upon non-domiciliaries by certified mail, return receipt, registered mail, return receipt or by special mail carrier.” The proposed executor alleged that he had exhausted his ability to locate the brother’s whereabouts other than to note that he is purportedly living somewhere in Mexico under an alias and may be receiving mail at a phantom address in that country.

The court further stated that “[w]hile service of process by email is not directly authorized by either the CPLR or the Hague Convention, it is not prohibited under either state or federal law, or the Hague Convention, given appropriate circumstances … [B]oth New York courts and federal courts have, upon application by plaintiffs [in civil suits], authorized email service of process as an appropriate alternative method when the statutory methods have been proven ineffective.

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