Woman Navy Veteran Killed At Fair Jump-Off

May 29th, 2015

Los Angeles, CA May 29, 2015:

A Navy veteran died Friday after falling 36 feet when participating in FreeDrop USA, a new attraction at the San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville, CA, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Witnesses told Victor Valley News that the 30 year old, Sabrina Gordon, of Hesperia, went to jump, then hesitated, tried to grab a sidebar, then fell 36 feet to the ground missing the airbag which was there to break her fall. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she died a few hours later.

FreeDrop USA is a non-mechanical attraction where participants jump from the top of a scaffolding-type structure on to a large air pillow. It is similar to a bungee jump without a cord, harness or wires. FD Event Co. LLC owns and operates the ride, which made its California debut at the event. It has been closed down pending investigation.

“She’s afraid of heights so I don’t know why she got on that thing,” Gordon’s father Lyle Bell said. “She was my pride and joy.” Bell said he plans to take legal action.

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